“A person does not hear sound only through the ears; they hear sound through every pore of their body”

 – Hazrat Inayat Khan

       Sound Healing for Everyone


Tune Up Rx is a user-friendly, portable and affordable tool that enables anyone to use vibration for self-care and in service to others; an adaptation of the treatments Dr. David Perez has been using in his psychiatric practice with great success for over 20 years.

Sound Healing Protocols:  

can be individualized for personal use or group sessions among couples, friends, employees and members of any type of organization.

 Sound and Controlled Breathing Exercises:

balance the autonomic nervous system and increase heart rate variability 

Mindfulness Meditation:

quiet the mind

reduce stress and emotional reactivity,

improve working memory, and ability to focus and concentrate

Increase empathic abilities, the quality of social and family relationships 

These results are all consistent with and supported by clinical research.

 Biggest challenge facing the modern medical profession: corporate takeover and commercialization                      of medicine

                 : specialization and shift away from                                   wholistic practices and healing

Doctors have become highly specialized repairmen focused on specific problem areas in the body and/or mind without addressing the totality or wholeness of the individual, and the manner in which all the parts are interconnected. The result is usually widespread dissatisfaction in both patients and practitioners. 

Bringing healing and self care back to the forefront of medical practice.

 Bridging the link between health, music, sound, spirituality, medicine, wellness and daily life.

In his many years working as an Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Perez has experienced tremendous success treating a wide range of conditions including patients who have struggled to find long-term improvement using medication and/or traditional therapies alone. 

  tools and protocols developed in clinical practice over     decades

Program can be easily learned and used by anyone to work on themselves or others without prior training or experience. 

Used to promote a greater sense of balance, well-being and functioning in individuals, couples, groups and organizations.

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